AVC In The Media

AVC's Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Bernardine recently participated in an Employee Benefits Roundtable in New York City. The roundtable focused on the implications of health care reform with a wide ranging discussion on the shifting benefits landscape and the impact of the ACA. Following are video highlights.

The Enrollment Process Needs to Evolve:

Finding the Right Balance for Enrollment:

Health Care Reform and The Big Shift:

Making Sense of Benefit Choices:


AVC President Dan Robinson is featured in the following video clips from a 2012 roundtable in New York Cit titled Voluntary Benefits: Front and Center.

What should a broker look for in a partner?

Where do you see voluntary benefits in the new landscape of health reform?

Why haven't voluntary benefits been more widely accepted?

What are the best communication strategies for voluntary benefits?

What do brokers need to look for when selecting their partners in voluntary benefits?

What's needed - and what's new - in products for voluntary benefits?