Products & Service

Provide Ongoing Customer Service & Support

The staple of any successful voluntary benefit delivery comes after the enrollment is completed. AVC is dedicated to ensuring that your client has a positive experience with the initial enrollment and is provided first class customer service for years to come. New Hire and Re-Enrollment strategies are custom designed with each client PRIOR to the initial enrollment. This process allows AVC to become an effective, integral part of an employers ongoing benefit solution. AVC's support staff will ensure that each employee has immediate access to benefit experts who can to assist them in their time of need.

Years of experience has allowed AVC to build solid relationships with insurance carriers, which enables us to assist employees in expediting their claims. Our Customer Care agents will:

Place regular service calls to employers to ensure proper billing and deductions are in order.
Have periodic contact with employers confirming that all service issues, i.e.: claims, are being handled in a timely manner by Carriers. AVC encourages Employees to contact our Service Department for updated information and to assist them in filing claims.
Provide an annual review of all existing benefits to make sure the voluntary benefits offered are coordinated with their package and meeting the needs of the client.
Provide annual re-enrollments, which includes the addition of new products and services when appropriate.